Techniques are used to modify the properties of various items, adding a specific bonus to them. They require components as well as orbs of the appropriate tier.

They can currently be added to an item in the 2 following ways:

  • During the creation of an item.
  • By using a pre-crafted technique kit.

A thing to remember is that it is tier-dependent how many different kinds of techniques you are allowed to use on the item you are currently creating. Check the below list for further information about this matter.

  • Tier 1 – 1 Technique per item
  • Tier 2 – 1 Technique per item
  • Tier 3 – 2 Techniques per item
  • Tier 4 – 2 Techniques per item
  • Tier 5 – 3 Techniques per item

Most of the techniques currently in game range from tier 1 to tier 5, however there are some that go only up to tier 3 or others that have only tier 1.

A list of technique components One of the biggest bonuses to Istaria is that almost any item that is craftable can have a technique added to it. Some exceptions are craftable resources (bars / bricks etc), sub components, potions, and cargo disks.

How to use a Technique?Edit

Please note beforehand that you cannot place a tier 5 technique on a tier 1 item. However, a tier 1 technique on a tier 5 item is allowed. Also some techniques are only allowed on specific items or locations. An Example: For dragons Velocity and Speed technique are only allowed on the Wing Scales.

To explain it as easily as possible:

Adding during item creation.Edit

  • Select the Formula of the item you wish to craft. (This will place you in the Item Creation Screen)
  • I will give a quick explanation about the Item Creation Screen.
    • When looking at the upper left corner you see all information about the formula used as well as which skill or tool are needed.
    • When looking at the upper right corner you can see a description about the item you are currently planning to craft.
    • Between the upper left and right sections you will find in the middle the technique adding section.
      • The larger part is to display the usable techniques you have currently scribed
      • The up and down arrow can be used to add or remove a selected technique
      • The small part below the 2 arrows is to display the selected techniques
    • The entire lower section is to let you know what resources you must have in order to complete the crafting process, this starts at the top with the items required for the main item for example a sword and it is followed by the needed resources for each technique seperately.

Using a pre-crafted technique kitEdit

  • Craft the item you wish to place the tech kit on
    • Other techniques are allowed only make sure that 1 technique slot is free. An item does not accept more techniques then the maximal tier-based amount. (with exception to color technique kits)
  • Place both the technique kit and the item in inventory.
  • Drag and drop the technique kit on top of the item.

Where can I find techniques?Edit

Techniques from tiers 1 to 5 can all be gained from dead mobs as loot. Mobs that drop techniques are Chests, Semi-Intelligents - That is pygmies, ogres, skulks, etc, and also Undead - Skeletons, Zombies, Mummies, etc. Also only named mobs or mobs in the upper half of each tier will drop techniques, with named mobs having higher chances of dropping a technique. The upper half levels of each tier are as follows:

  • T1: 11-19
  • T2: 30-39
  • T3: 50-59
  • T4: 70-79
  • T5: 90-99

Techatrons sell Mystery Technique Boxes that can contain any lootable technique.

Most Craft and Statistic techniques can be purchased from the various Quartermasters throughout Istaria.

It is also possible to gain Technique kits as reward after finishing a quest, which then will only have to be dragged onto an item to use.

Spell, Defense, Adventure and Ability techniques are not available from Quartermasters - they are drop-only.

Techniques Available from QuartermastersEdit

Technique Type Location Quartermaster
T1 Armor Dye, Statistics and Weapon Dye Kion Marcus
T1 Craft and Socket Sslanis Melli
T2 Statistic Dalimond Elmond Weiss
T2 Craft Chiconis Nalithess
T3 Statistic Mahagra Holm Nestlaven
T3 Craft New Rachival Edison Maberly
T4 Statistic Feladan Janner Cinderfall
T4 Craft Kirasanct Azmedai
T5 Craft and Statistic Aughundell Grendan Stonemeld

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