Resources are items that are used by crafters to create items in-game. Resources are the basic building blocks for all Craft schools, and can be used to make Weapons, Armor, Tools, Potions, Jewelry, Spells, Containers, Food or Construction materials.

Resources are broken down into six tiers. A crafter is able to collect resources for each tier according to the following chart:

Craft Level Tier Available
1-19 1
20-39 2
40-59 3
60-79 4
80-99 5
100 6

Inorganic ResourcesEdit

Tier StoneMetalPreciousClayGemsAzulyte Crystals
I Sandstone Bronze Bronze Adobe Garnet / Malachite / Turquoise Viridian
II Slate Iron Silver Earthenware Amethyst / Lapis Lazuli / Rose Quartz Cerulean
III Granite Dark Iron (Steel) Gold Terra Cotta Aquamarine / Citrine / Jasper Amber
IV Obsidian Cobalt Platinum Stoneware Jade / Opal / Topaz Titian
V Marble Mithril Mithril Geostone Emerald / Fire Opal / Peridot Crimson
VI Travertine Adamantium Adamantium Porcelain Diamond / Ruby / Sapphire Violet

Organic ResourcesEdit

Tier Wood - Bark - SapFiberEssencePapyrusFungusFishFish Bonus Meat Rare Herb(s)
I Cedar Flax Dim Common Papyrus Istarian Minnow Shrimp Gruok Flank Sage, Ginger
II Elm Kenaf Pale White Papyrus Browngill Bluegill Clam Ruxus Flank Bay Leaf, Licorice
III Oak Cotton Glowing Azure Papyrus Roughcap Bass Eel  ? Basil, Ginseng
IV Maple Silk Bright Rose Papyrus Stonespore Trout Lobster Arbotus Flank Rosemary, Fennel
V Yew Ironsilk Shining Silver Papyrus Blood Mackerel Crab  ? Stoneroot, Mint, Mandrake
VI Thornwood Steelsilk Radiant Shadowstem Halibut Urchin  ? Star Anise, Bitterroot, Nightshade

Harvestable ResourcesEdit

The following resources can be harvested regardless of tier.

Water - Sand - Glass Nodules - Salt Rock

Animal Hides (Grouk, Cow, Sheep, Deer) - Maggot Hides

Beef - Venison - Chicken - Mutton - Eggs - Milk

Carrots - Potatoes - Tomatoes - Green Peppers - Peas - Corn - Onions

Wheat - Rice - Rye - Barley - Sugarcane - Garlic

Grapes - White Grapes - Black Pepper - Pumpkins - Lettuce - Quinoa

Apples - Bananas - Pears - Lemons - Apricot - Dates

Blackberries - Blueberries - Cranberries - Juniper Berries - Raspberries - Strawberries

Purchasable ResourcesEdit

The following resources can only be bought from a vendor. They are specifically required for Confectioner recipes.

Chives, Cilantro, Cinnamon Bark, Cocoa Bean, Cumin Seeds, Gelatin

Green Licorice, Honey, Nutmeg, Olive Oil, Red Licorice, and Vanilla Bean

Resource SourcesEdit

Resources are harvested from nodes and creatures scattered across Istaria. There are three nodes sizes (regular, rich, and motherlode) although not all resources have more than the regular size. Regular nodes give around 20-200 pieces of the resource in total depending upon your harvesting skill. Rich nodes can give from 150-800, and motherlodes can give 750 or more. Their order of rarity depends the amount of resources they contain; the more resources, the less often they are found. Not all size nodes are found in every location.

Creatures are either Golems, Treants, Wisps, or animals. The Golems and Treants must be killed before harvesting and come in various sizes, usually corresponding to the nodes. Wisps have three sizes plus an Enraged version (which must be killed to harvest). Animals have no obvious sizes and some can be harvested both alive and dead with different resources as a result.

Metal, Stone, & GemsEdit

The three node sizes you can gather from are Regular (no prefix), Rich, and Motherlode. Metal, Stone, and Gem Golems can be harvested after being killed with regular Golems the equivalent of Rich nodes and Boulder Golems yielding larger amounts.


Essences can be gathered from Weakened, regular (no prefix), Enriched, and Enraged wisps or from essence residue nodes. The Weakened Wisps are the equivalent to a regular node and are visibly smaller than the other two, Regular Wisps (no name prefix) give rich node amounts, and Enriched Wisps yield in the motherload range. The Enraged Wisps (once defeated) return roughly rich quantities or a bit less. Weakened, regular, and Enriched wisps yield regular essence if harvested alive and tainted essence if killed before harvesting. Wisp Residue and Enraged wisps only yield regular essence.

Wood, Bark, & SapEdit

Wood, bark, and sap are harvested from regular (no prefix) trees, Large trees, Massive trees, and defeated treants. Regular trees are the same as regular nodes, Large trees give the rich node equivalent, and Massive trees provide motherlode quantities. Sapling, regular (no prefix), and Massive treants correspond to regular, Large, and Massive trees. Enraged treants give about the same as Massive treants but are aggressive. All three resources can be gathered from the same tree so long as bark and sap are gathered before the logs. It makes no difference which is harvest first from dead treants.

Fabric (Cloth)Edit

Fabric material (unspun flax, kenaf, etc) is gathered from regular (no prefix), Abundant, and Bountiful nodes. Abundant is the equivalent of a rich node while Bountiful is fabric's motherlode equivalent. Kenaf can also be harvested from sheep.

Animal Resources Edit

Animals provide a number of resources such as hide, meat (depending on the animal), eggs, milk, fabric. What you get depends on if the animal is alive or dead. For example, you get eggs from a live chicken and raw chicken from a dead one. If an animal attacks you, it will not be possible to harvest it live.


All other materials - salt, clay, etc - are gathered from just one type of node - regular.

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