Metal Reaping Potion

Metal Reaping V Potion

Potions are crafted by Alchemists using the Alchemy skill with a Mortar and Pestle and a Cauldron. To craft potions it needs resources like: glass vials, tools and suspensions. Potions are useable items and add buffs to the character, like a bonus to strength, resistances, mining skill or adding heal over time to regain players health.

Usable ByEdit

Potions can be used by all schools and races as long they fulfill the level requirement.


Required skill is Alchemy

Formula NameBeginnerJourneymanExpertMaster
Formula: Ahala's Sweet Brew 800
Formula: Anti-Lycanthropy Salve 600
Formula: Antidote150550950
Formula: Blight Protection Potion90490890
Formula: Bolster Armor Potion150550950
Formula: Bolster Dexterity Potion1400800
Formula: Bolster Focus Potion50450850
Formula: Bolster Health Potion150550950
Formula: Bolster Power Potion50450850
Formula: Bolster Strength Potion1400800
Formula: Essence Reaping Potion180580980
Formula: Elixir of the Myloc's Focus Formula 1150
Formula: Elixir of the Myloc's Strength Formula 1150
Formula: Ginesh's Thickened Skin Potion100500900
Formula: Latro's Evasive Aura Potion100500900
Formula: Lycanthropy Ward Salve 650
Formula: Metal Reaping Potion30430830
Formula: Organic Reaping Potion140540940
Formula: Quint's Quickstep Potion190590990
Formula: Special Potion of Memories 800
Formula: Stone Reaping Potion110510910
Formula: Vestia's Soothing Remedy Potion120520920
Formula: Wood Reaping Potion70470870

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