Formulas are the templates used to be able to craft items throughout Istaria. In order to create a particular item you first need to 'scribe' the formula (Right-Click and choose 'Scribe (Formula Name)'. Once a formula has been scribedn it is view-able in the Formula tab in the Knowledge window.

Every formula requires a number of resources or sub components to create the item. For example, a Sandstone Focus Chest Scale may require up to 6 Sandstone Bricks to create.

Formula Tiers
Type Min Level
Beginner 1
Journeyman 400
Expert 800
Master 1000


A single formula may allow creation of multiple different items. For example, the Beginner Focus Chest Scale formula allows creation of both Sandstone Focus Chest Scales and Slate Focus Chest Scales. Every formula has a minimum Skill requirement to scribe. If a character’s current skill is too low they will be unable to scribe the formula. A character can use various methods of increasing its skill.

  • Boon spells.
  • Equipment with Techniques providing a bonus to the relevant Skill
  • Tool(claw) with socketing Techniques providing the possibility of using a crystal.
  • Utilize a player build craft shop (Beginner, Journeyman or Expert for Plots or T1-6 chambers for Lairs) to boost the current skill level.

Every product has a minimum and an optimum skill to create. When creating an item, the closer a character's skill is to the optimum skill, the more efficient they are - it will require fewer resources to make. For example, to create Sandstone Bricks at the minimum skill requires 5 Sandstone Slabs for each brick. Creating Sandstone Bricks at the optimum skill (or higher) only requires 2 Sandstone Slabs per brick. There are separate formulas for Dragons and Bipeds (i.e. non-Dragons).

Obtaining FormulasEdit

Formulas can be obtained by:

  • Looting them from mobs.
    • Mobs that drop formulas are Chests, Semi-Intelligents (pygmies, ogres, skulks, undead, etc.) Techniques and Formulas do not drop from non-intelligent monsters, such as animals, insects and elementals. Only named mobs or mobs in the upper half of each tier will drop formulas, with named mobs having higher chances of dropping a technique. The upper half levels of each tier are as follows:
      • T1: 11-19
      • T2: 30-39
      • T3: 50-59
      • T4: 70-79
      • T5: 90-99
  • Purchased from other players via trade or a consigner.
  • Awarded by accepting or completing certain quests.
  • Mystery Formula Boxes purchased from Formulatrons, which contain any lootable formula.
  • Purchased from trainers (Beginner, Journeyman and Expert). Note that formulas sold by trainers are not dropped as loot, and vice versa.
    • If you would like to find trainers that sell formulas, try checking their respective pages.

Resource FormulasEdit

The Six Basic MaterialsEdit


These are formulas used to make items used in buildings and other structures.

Intermediate MaterialsEdit

These formulas take refined materials or raw materials and process them into items used in other formulas. They do not create finished products.

Biped FormulasEdit

The following formulas are available to all Biped races (i.e. non-Dragon). Please note that not every formula listed is Biped-only; rather, these formulas listed are simply of most use to Bipeds. Dragons can craft every spell listed. Also, most resource formulas are available to both Dragons and Bipeds, and simply listed here for convenience.

  1. Armor Formulas
    1. Cargo Armor
    2. Cloth Armor
    3. Hide/Leather Armor
    4. Metal Armor
      1. Chain Armor
      2. Plate Armor
    5. Shields
    6. Fashion Items
  2. Container Formulas
  3. Dye Kit Formulas
  4. Food Formulas
  5. Gadget Formulas
  6. Jewelry Formulas
  7. Potion Formulas
  8. Resource Formulas
    1. Basic Materials
    2. Prepared Materials
  9. Spell Formulas
  10. Tool Formulas
  11. Weapon Formulas
  12. Quest Formulas

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