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Istarians are able to own plot(s) of land and build on them. This page provides a launchpad into the general topic of construction, as well as links to specific items that can be built for both Dragons and Bipeds.

Construction SchoolsEdit

Bipeds can belong to any of the five construction schools, Carpenter, Fitter, Enchanter, Mason, and/or Weaver.

Dragons can belong to the Dragon Lairshaper school.

Biped Construction Tools and ResourcesEdit

For all general construction done on a biped plot a player can be required to craft 10 different Construction Units (2 for each of the biped construction schools).

Construction Units School Material Tool
Construction Timber Construction Braces Carpenter Wood Board Carpentry Hammer
Construction Sphere Construction Source Enchanter Essence Orb Essence Shaper
Construction Sheeting Construction Jointing Fitter Metal Bar Fitting Mallet
Construction Block Construction Keystones Mason Stone Brick Masonry Trowel
Construction Bolt Construction TapestriesWeaver Fabric Spool Weaving Awl

Biped buildingsEdit

List of biped buildings.

Dragon Construction Unit and needed resourcesEdit

All below mentioned Constuction Units require Dragon Lairshaping ability to craft and place in the to be constructed chamber. The resources mentioned are the regular Resources that are needed to produce the Unit.

Additional information:

  • Metal Bars refer to Bronze, Iron, Steel, Cobalt, Mithril and Adamantium as a required resource.
  • Precious Metal Bars refer to Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Mithril and Adamantium as a required resource.
  • Uncut Gems refer to an even amount of all 3 types of Gems belonging to the same Tier.

Construction UnitsEdit

Low Skill Construction UnitsEdit

Unit Machine Ability Resources
Imbued Bar Smelter Smelting Essence Orbs Precious Metal Bars
Primal Essence Essence Channeler Essence Shaping Essence Orbs Azulyte Crystals
Excoriation Stoneworking Pedestal Stoneworking Bricks Metal Bars

High Skill Construction UnitsEdit

Unit Machine Ability Resources
Crystalline Lattice Crystalshaper Lairshaping Tri-cut Gems Azulyte Crystals
Maelstones Smelter Lairshaping Lodestones Essence Orbs
Flowstone Stoneworking Pedestal Lairshaping Cast Stones Metal Bars

Intermediate UnitsEdit

The now mentioned resources are used in the High Skill Construction Units.

Only note that these units require the Dragon Crafter school in order to receive experience from creating them!

Unit Machine Ability Resources
Tri-cut Gems Gem Cutting Bench Gemworking Uncut Gems None
Lodestones Smelter Smelter Slabs Precious Metal Bars
Cast Stones Stone Cutter Stoneworking Bricks Essence

Dragon buildingsEdit

For a list of all available constructable Lair Chambers proceed to this page and Buildings.

This page will also provide a detailed list of:

  • Bonusses received due to chamber being player build.
  • Storage Capacity for all buildings that have the ability to do so.
  • The amount of Construction Units required to build the chamber.

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