To repair these scales you need the appropriate repair formula and broken items dropped by various creatures like undeads of corresponding Tier. The scales provide various bonuses and may have one technique or socket applied. Once equipped they cannot be traded.

Level RequirementsEdit

Type Min. Level Tier
Splendid Scales 1 I
Exceptional Scales 20 II
Majestic Scales 40 III
Resplendent Scales 60 IV
Regal Scales 80 V
Priceless Scales 100 VI


Required Skill is Dragon Scalecraft.

Formula NameScalecraft
Formula: Beginner Dragon Scale Repair1
Formula: Journeyman Dragon Scale Repair400
Formula: Expert Dragon Scale Repair800
Formula: Master Dragon Scale Repair1000

Usable ByEdit

Broken Scales can be used by: Dragon Adventurer, Dragon Crafter, Dragon Crystalshaper, Dragon Lairshaper