Broken Quarterstaff
Weapon Type: Two Hand Crush
Damage Type: Crush
Range: Melee
Bulk: 64
Skill: Fletching
Tool: Board Plane
Dragon Ability: N/A
Machine: Woodworking Bench
Broken Quarterstaff

To repair these weapons you need the appropriate repair formula and broken items dropped by various creatures like undeads of corresponding Tier. Broken Quarterstaffs are two handed weapons, the character must have the appropriate Two Hand Crush skill to wield the weapon. The staff has been refletched from broken pieces to create a weapon of superior quality. Once equipped cannot be traded.

Usable ByEdit

Broken Quarterstaffs can be used by: Battle Mage, Blood Mage, Chaos Warrior, Cleric, Conjurer, Druid, Flame Disciple, Guardian, Ice Disciple, Mage, Monk, Shaman, Sorcerer, Spirit Disciple, Spiritist, Storm Disciple, Warrior, Wizard

Use RequirementsEdit

Splendid Cedar Quarterstaff24-28Melee+6 Magic Evasion526410 - 100
Exceptional Elm Quarterstaff47-55Melee+12 Magic Evasion
+20 Power
516430 - 250
Majestic Oak Quarterstaff69-81Melee+18 Magic Evasion
+30 Power
506455 - 450
Resplendent Maple Quarterstaff90-106Melee+24 Magic Evasion
+40 Power
+40 Focus
496475 - 650
Regal Yew Quarterstaff110-130Melee+30 Magic Evasion
+50 Power
+50 Focus
486495 - 850
Priceless Thornwood Quarterstaff129-153Melee+36 Two Hand Crush
+60 Power
+60 Focus
¹Adventure Current Level
²Two Hand Crush Skill

Creation RequirementsEdit

NameResourceMin SkillOpt SkillLowest Formula³
Splendid Cedar Quarterstaff5-10 Cedar Wood Strip
1 Cracked Cedar Wood Shaft
1 Cracked Cedar Staff Limb
100200Beginner Wooden Weapon Repair
Exceptional Elm Quarterstaff5-10 Elm Wood Strip
1 Rotted Elm Wood Shaft
1 Rotted Elm Staff Limb
300425Beginner Wooden Weapon Repair
Majestic Oak Quarterstaff5-10 Oak Wood Strip
1 Ruined Oak Wood Shaft
1 Ruined Oak Staff Limb
500650Journeyman Wooden Weapon Repair
Resplendent Maple Quarterstaff5-10 Maple Wood Strip
1 Fragmented Maple Wood Shaft
1 Fragmented Maple Staff Limb
700875Journeyman Wooden Weapon Repair
Regal Yew Quarterstaff5-10 Yew Wood Strip
1 Shattered Yew Wood Shaft
1 Shattered Yew Staff Limb
9001100Expert Wooden Weapon Repair
Priceless Thornwood Quarterstaff5-10 Thornwood Wood Strip
1 Corroded Thornwood Wood Shaft
1 Corroded Thornwood Staff Limb
11001325Master Wooden Weapon Repair
³Lowest Level Formula in which it is found.

Usable TechniquesEdit

The Tier VI weapon may have two techniques applied, the Tier I-V one.

These techniques can be applied to crush weapons.
Weapon Socketing
Techniques Kits
Ability: Power Strike
Ability: Smash
Adventure: Augmentation
Adventure: Blight
Adventure: Bow
Adventure: Crossbow
Adventure: Energy
Adventure: Flame
Adventure: Ice
Adventure: Life
Adventure: Mind
Adventure: Nature
Adventure: One Hand Crush
Adventure: One Hand Pierce
Adventure: One Hand Slash
Adventure: Spirit
Adventure: Two Hand Crush
Adventure: Two Hand Slash
Adventure: Unarmed
Armor Dye
All Weapon and Tool Dye Kits are useable
Defense: Parry
Statistic: Dexterity
Statistic: Focus
Statistic: Health
Statistic: Power
Statistic: Strength