Karane and many of the other Ancient Dragons understand a hatchling's longing to fly. They're all willing to assist you on your quest to adulthood, but before you begin they have some advice.

Becoming an Adult Dragon: Choose Your Path is a Lore Quest / Rite of Passage Quest given by Karane the Historian of Chiconis.

Quest Steps

  1. Speak to Vladtmordt The Chronicler. His cave is hidden in the mountain range that separates The Middling Lands from the Western Deadlands. Travel from Sanctuary westward along the road and you will find his cave tucked among some dislodged boulders before you reach the Western Deadlands.
  2. Speak to Valkoth the Ancient at his cave in Dralk. Valkoth will instruct you further on what one who seeks to become a Lunus Adult Dragon will need to do.
  3. Speak to Semeneth in Chicons about the Helian Rite of Passage.
  4. Speak to Brysmendrik about the Lost Colony. Brysmendrik stands overlooking the city of Dralk just off the road that leads north out of the city.

Quest Text


  • Ah, youngling, settle yourself a moment. I know, I understand that you long to soar the skies above Istaria. Every young one comes to me anxious to become an adult, and I see you are not different, ever since the destruction of The Sleeper's domain. But don't let this old historian tell you what you should do. Listen to the others, hear our tales, learn what you will face on your quest, and then you may decide. First speak to Vladtmordt, for it is he among us all who knows best how to teach a hatchling such as yourself how to forge the scales you need to stand victorious above your foes.


  • So you wish to become an adult, eh? Did Karane explain to you that in doing so you must make a choice that will follow you and shape your very existence for the remainder of your days? No? This does not surprise me. Old Karane still wishes that Lunus and Helian would come together and face our foes as one.
  • You do know of what I mean when I speak of those who call themselves "Helian" and those who call themselves "Lunus", do you not? Some say it is all in a dragon's stance on the naka-duskael-- Is this word unfamiliar to you? Rather I say the unscaled? In past I referred to them as the naka-duskael, the Humans, Dwarves and Elves that is. But these days the language of the dragon's grows sparser. You will learn much more as you being your journey to adulthood about the differences between Lunus and Helian, hatchling, but first I believe you must learn more about the naka-duskael if you are ever to make your own choice.
  • Many ages ago the rise of the Human race began. This was most troublesome for the dragon community since the proximity of the Humans to the Dragon Capital Dralk did not allow for a dismissive attitude toward the growth of the Human lands. Dwarves and the Elves were aldo quite industrious as the time but were merely glazed by the Dragon's contempt because of their lack of impendence on the Dragons lands.
  • Dralk was founded by the First Dragon Drulkar, the God of Fire! With its massive volcanic spires and caverns of molten rock it was ideal. Dragons of all kind flocked into Dralk's caverns to dwell. Dralk was the foothold of dragon kind in Istaria until the division of the Helian to Chiconis.
  • Chiconis is the second and less fantastic of the dragon cities. After the dissention of the Helians from Dralk, Chiconis was founded to foster the ideals of scholastics and intellectual superiority within the Helian society. Chiconis is the home of numerous runes and scripts etched in stone containing years of lore and knowledge.
  • Ultimately the rise of the other living races was the breeding ground for what our culture refers to as The Great Schism. This was a breaking point in the dominion of dragons. During the schism two distinct factions were formed within the dragon populous. The division was between the idealist of The Dragon Scholar Helian and zealots who fought aside Dragon Warrior Malganival Lunus.
  • Helian the Scholar was the extraordinaire intellectual at the time. Helian destermined that the Humans were a challenge that the dragons should overcome with intellectual superiority and model leadership. Helian was a most potent mage and took pride in the studies that produced the Scale of the prime. Malganival Lunus was the premier warrior of the dragons who chose to match the rise of the Humans with a vengeful claw and a Tempered Scale. Lunus assumed dragons were the paragon of living races and that all lesser beings should be ruled by force.
  • Before you can become an Adult Dragon, you too must choose which side to follow. You do not yet have the knowledge and strength within you to forge the final scales these great scholars have taught me to make. And the dexterity and precision required to forge the scales can only be completed by those who's claws are still small and fine like those of a hatchling. Therefore, this is your first choice. If you continue on your path to adulthood now, you will never be able to forge for yourself the last of the Scale of the Prime or Tempered Scales, for though I have the knowledge, I do not have the dexterity to craft one myself. If you wait, gain mroe season of knowledge, learn from the other dragons how to become a better combatant as well as improve your crafting ability, then I will guide you in how to create either or both of these scales.
  • For now, though, it is my duty to send you on to speak with Valkoth and Semeneth. They know best what you will face on your path to adulthood. Consider, though, what I have said very carefully.
  • You will, of course, wish to become a follower of the great Dragon Warrior Malganival Lunus! It is perfectly understandable. The Lunus are strong, powerful, and one day we will again rule over all of Istaria as is only proper. But to become an adult of the Lunus faction is far from easy, as well should be the case. You will face many foes who are more powerful than you are even now. You will travel to Draak and there defeat the Enslavers which hold the Entombed Dragon captive. Toy will make your way deep into the Deadlands to defeat the undead there that are such worth does that they rise again, always returning no matter how thoroughly defeated, and have thus been named by the Gifted. Should you undertake the journey to adulthood now, I will warn you that you will not be able to complete all that you must do alone. You will require the help of others, and likely not in just combating your enemies, but in crafting those items which are required for the rite itself. And this would be true regardless of the faction you choose. But do not believe just me. Seek out Semeneth in Chiconis, for you will hear the same story there.


  • What Valkoth says is true. Though the teachings of the great Dragon Scholar Helian are more academic than those of the Lunus faction, the path to adulthood is no less dangerous. You will walk in the same footprints of those who pursue the Lunus faction for much of your journey, and though you will learn why we must work with the naka-duskael, not dominate over them, you will find that what is needed to complete the rite is a challenge even for highly seasoned dragons. My sincere advice to you is that you be patient. Earn your 50th season. Return to Vladtmordt and forge the scales he can teach you to make, for they will serve you well for a long time thereafter. But as always, the choice is yours. If you wish to continue on your journey now, though, I suggest you speak to Brysmendrik. He will teach you more about the Lost Colony of Draak.


  • It is not by choice that I am here, but like many who have come before me, I too must serve. Before you proceed on your quest to adulthood, if you but listen to my story for a moment and complete a task for me, I will attune you to the portal that remains on Draak. Being attuned to this portal will make your journey to adulthood much easier.
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