Pass Grizelian's test in order to become a Master of Primal magic.

Become a Primal Master is an Adventure Quest given by Grizelian the Primalist of Chiconis.

Quest Steps

  1. Kill 1 Fallen Warrior
  2. Return to Grizelian with the Ethereal Shard.
  3. Kill 25 Fallen Warriors
  4. Loot 25 Ethereal Shards
  5. Take the 25 Ethereal Shard to Grizelian
  6. Meditate at the symbol of Drulkar for five minutes.

Quest Text

  1. Ah [player], it is most fortuitous that you arrive now. When last we spoke, we talked of evolution. Magic, like everything else, evolves. Yes, [player], that means I've more to teach you! It came to me in a vision, late in the evening, like a waterfall of ancient lore raining upon me. It is my duty and my pleasure to share this with all my peers. Only one question remains: Have you the sanctity of mind necessary to absorb this wisdom?
  2. There comes a time when the student shall become the teacher. I will expand upon this new wisdom when you return to me and teach me something. Were I you, I would delve into the Eastern Deadlands. There is much there we do not understand. High in the hills resides the last of the Withered Scales. The Fallen Warriors and their General Reklar are reported to guard a stronghold of the Withered Aegis. After slaying a Fallen Warrior, your task should become clear.
  3. Your final blow tears the poor cursed body asunder. You feel a sense of peace wash over you, a moment of freedom and release. It appears as though the vile General Reklar has been granted the ability to trap the souls of your departed brethren inside physical forms, forced into his service. You also find an Ethereal Shard in the remains- perhaps these shards bind the soul to the body?
  4. This is most disturbing. I knew that Dargor had found a way to slay Reklar, but I simply had no idea how large of a threat the abomination poses. He has an unending supply of warriors? This is grave news indeed. Thank you for sharing this wisdom with me. I'll happily pass on the knowledge I have been gifted with, but first, please go free more of our fallen comrades. End the suffering of twenty five of them and return to me with twenty five Ethereal Shards. I must study them and work with Dargor to end Reklar's supply of troops. If you are correct and these shards do bind the spirit to the husk, we must do what we can for our ancestors. Be forewarned, the General is too powerful to face alone, so use discretion as you fight his minions.
  5. You have freed the requisite number of Fallen Warriors to satisfy Grizelian's demands.
  6. You have looted a sufficient quantity of Ethereal Shards to satisfy Grizelian's demands.
  7. It is clear that there are too many slaves of the Aegis for you to be able to save all of them at once. However, you were able to five some of them peace for a short time. Return the 25 Ethereal Shards to Grizelian before Reklar catches up to you.
  8. The grisly task is done then. Thank you for the shards and the research material. I have but one favor left to ask for you - Sit through an old wyrm's conversation, if you have the time.
  9. Talking with you and my other students, I have learned a bit more of the factions. I have learned patience and tolerance. The Schism may never end. However, the younger generation of dragons gives me hope of unity amongst dragon kind in the future, at least to some extent. The Lunus were right about the Withered Aegis learning to bring our ancestors into the fold of the undead. I no longer think of them as short sighted. Keep in mind, it has taken many years for me to come to this conclusion. Do not let stereotypes cloud your judgment. If we Helians rule by scroll and tome and the Lunus rule by lash and fear, how is truly right? Is either? I hope you can decide. Decide to rule by all four and have the wisdom to know when each is appropriate.
  10. As for your training, simply go to the symbol of Drulkar, far to the north of Dralk, and meditate. Think about Primal magic, the Schism, and how best to rule. Think about defeating the Aegis. Go and meditate for a time. Temper the sword with logic, [player], and you will find what you seek. Wind to thy wings, honored drake.
  11. A feeling of serenity sweeps over you as you gaze upon the image of Drulkar.
  12. After some introspection you feel power welling up within you. The power brings understanding, and you awaken from the meditative state a new dragon. Wisdom is also a weapon you now wield.
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