The Ancient Rite of Passage is an epic quest for Dragons to ascend from an Adult Dragon to an Ancient Dragon.

In the Council's wisdom, they have set the following standards…


  • 100 days since the Dragon's creation must pass.
  • Achieved level 100 for Dragon Adventurer
  • Completion of all adventure quests up to level 100.
  • Gained the knowledge of the Khutit form.
  • Is an adult dragon.
  • note!* Most likely, the required quests are - each ability quest just below max, though max possible is reccomended. You also only need Breath of Lightning/Ice, but not Acid.

Much like the RoP, no one would be able to complete these quests completely alone and must require help from their friends to possibly think of finishing them. The first part of the epic quest is ARoP01 - Council of Ancients - Seek the Elders.


The Ancient Rite of Passage was intended to test the strength and courage, wisdom and insight of Drulkar's followers, allowing them to achieve the status of ancient dragon. From each of the four corners of Istaria, atop the highest mountain ranges, Drulkar communed with the great winds and beheld the peace that once was. He knew Istaria better, perhaps, than the goddess who gave her name to it. He knew its darkest dangers, and most peaceful meadows, its deepest depths, and most soaring heights. Through the Rite of Passage, those who wished to gain his favor would follow in his footsteps, discovering these things both in the world around them, and deep within themselves.As the years passed, however, fewer and fewer dragons choose to brave the trials of this Rite. The lesser races began to appear, and Drulkar became annoyed at the declining power of his children. Wrapped up in their own petty squabbles, his children came to him less and less for guidance. At last, he left the realm of the Prime, unwilling to watch his people lose their rulership over Istaria. At the occurrence of the Great Schism, Drulkar ended the rite in disgust, sealing himself away in isolation for many long years.Though Drulkar has not returned to the prime, the seal which separated him from his people has broken at his command. Drulkar has charged the Council to recreate the ancient ritual and commission a new breed of champions to stand at Istaria's hour of need. The face of Istaria had changed, and with it, so must the Rite. Yet in many ways a dragon attempting the Rite in the present age, will find it far more challenging, a grueling test indeed.The Council is very specific about who may attempt the Ancient Rite of Passage, and will allow only those who have a legitimate chance at success. A dragon's age, maturity, and knowledge are all measured and evaluated before the Council will permit the Rite to begin.

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