Ahala's Sweet Tooth II is a Quest given by Ahala Bruttien .

Quest TextEdit

Ahala is thankful to your for bringing her Elvish Delight, a traditional sweet she has missed for many years while living out on the Frontier. Now she wishes for you to travel to Feladan and retrieve the recipe for her so that she can make more for herself.


  1. Travel to Feladan and speak with Estelwen about Elvish Delight
  2. Listen to Estelwen
  3. Deliver a package to Dantor who has a camp north of the Isle of Fire (He is directly beside the pad for Isle of Ice & Fire)
  4. Listen to Dantor
  5. Return to Estelwen in Feladan
  6. Learn the secret of Elvish Delight from Estelwen (click link in chat)