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(Daily) Ruxus Ruckus is a Quest given by Normand Holcomb .

This quest is repeatable

The Holcomb farm is being invaded by ruxus. The pesky creatures keep breaking Farmer Holcomb's fence and breaking into his wife's garden. He's offering a small reward to any who are willing to cull the ruxus herds from around his farm.

Quest TextEdit

+NPC's quest dialogue+


  1. Agree to help Farmer Holcomb with his ruxus problem.
  2. Farmer Holcomb has asked you to kill 20 small ruxus. The should be somewhere near his farm, as they keep coming in and breaking his fence every night.
  3. Return to Farmer Holcomb for your reward.


  • Adventure Experience: 12500
  • Money: 7 silver 500 copper
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